Here at the Sports Centre we know you might not always be able to get to us so we have provided videos for you to help you get a workout from the comfort of your own home.

Better Balance is designed to strengthen the Hip area and improve balance.

Legs Bums & Tums is a regular class we have here in the Sports Centre. Designed to strenghten you mid section and all of you lower body.

Here is a quick video on how to fix some niggling lower back issues by strenghtening you core and lower back along with your glutes (Buttocks)

Low Impact cardio is a class that is family friendly meaning all levels and ages can join in to have fun keeping fit to good music.

Bootcamp is a class that is of high intensity and consists of a variation of full body exercises ddesigned to burn fat and tone muscle.

Fit 45 is our regular Thursday night class held by our our PT David.
You will have your whole body worked and finish with a low impact fat burning Cardio session at the end.

Go for Life fitness is a class for the 65+ age range and designed to keep the body fit and functioning strong and healthy.